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Exclusive reveal Final Fantasy TCG: Melphie!

Final Fantasy

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On July 28, 2023, the twentieth opus of the trading card game based on the popular Final Fantasy videogame saga will go on sale. The expansion is called Dawn of Heroes, F. Amoris gives us the opportunity to publish the spoiler in our website with his commentary on the card, received by Alec Thorne, Merchandise Marketing & Events Manager of Square Enix Europe.

Final Fantasy TCG, Card Analysis

Final Fantasy TCG Dawn of Heroes MelphieThe card is a Cost 3, wind element. The name of the card is Melphie. Melphie Kusakabe is a secondary character from an additional episode introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. She was a young Wutai ninja warrior and the younger sister of Sonon Kusakabe.

INTERmission is a downloadable extra episode for Final Fantasy VII Remake. It takes place in the middle of the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake in which the protagonist Yuffie Kisaragi enters the Shinra Building in Midgar trying to steal a particular Materia. In order to take this Materia, Yuffie cooperates with Sonon Kusakabe, a fellow Wutai and brother of Melphie, and with the members of Avalanche, before meeting Scarlet, the executive of the Shinra Electric Power Company, antagonist of this episode. The story is completely new and not based on any event within Final Fantasy VII, although it does reference elements from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

The card is Category VII, as we have seen it is a character from Final Fantasy VII and its Job is Warrior

Forward typology. For those unfamiliar with the game, there are 4 types of cards: Forward, Backup, Summon and Monster.

Let’s see the effect: The card has two abilities. The first is an auto-ability, i.e. those abilities that activate automatically when the conditions required for activation are fulfilled, in this case it is basically a search type, as once Melphie has been played it allows us to search for a Sonon and add it to our hand.


Final Fantasy TCG Dawn of Heroes SononAt this moment, the only Sonon present in the Final Fantasy Trading Card game is the Doble elementes one (Earth Lightning) with Back Attack and having it in our hand due to Melphie’s effect can be extremely advantageous, since like summons and abilities, characters with Back Attack can be played during either the player’s Attack Phase or Main Phase. They can be used to respond to your opponent’s actions but do not allow the opponent to counter back since playing a character does not involve the stack. The second ability is an action ability. This type of ability is activated by paying its cost and is very interesting in this case because dulling and putting Melphie in the breakzone we have the possibility of choosing a cost 5 or more forward and break it.

Final Fantasy TCG Dawn of Heroes Tyro

As we can see the element of Melphie does not match with those of the only Sonon present in the game, maybe a new green Sonon will be released? I don’t know, but we still have the possibility to play this card through the use of backup that dull produce Cristal Points of all elements such as, for example, Tyro or through the effect of Cloud 11-136S which allows, during the Main Phase, dulling it and discard a category VII Forward in the Breakzone to search for a Forward that costs one cristal point more than the discarded one and play it directly on the field.

Final Fantasy TCG Dawn of Heroes Cloud

The card code consists of two parts: 20, which indicates the opus in which the card is present, and 058, the progressive number in the expansion of this card. Its rarity is C, i.e. Common.

His Strength is 7000, which I think is appropriate for a 3 cost.

Thanks to Square Enix and Alec for this opportunity, and F.Amoris for the exhaustive analysis.

Do you like this card from the new Final Fantasy TCG Dawn of Heroes expansion?




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